Workplace Termination

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Workplace TerminationWhen you need to terminate an employee for poor performance, insubordination, an uncooperative attitude, fraud or theft, you need to be careful about following the right termination procedure. An employee can always sue for wrongful termination. If you don’t have a detailed, documented record of the termination process that you’ve followed, you can easily have a judge begin to point the finger at you and find yourself having to pay serious damages.

While employment-at-will laws are prevalent, they still don’t give employers the ability to summarily fire anyone. Employment rights laws powerfully protect the rights of employees. What every employer needs to do before so much as mentioning termination to an employee, then, is to hire a professional workplace termination investigator.

The best way to win a lawsuit is to avoid it

When you call a professional from Accurate Investigations in, the first thing we do is to make sure that you have a case that will stand in court. To begin, your company needs a fair, detailed set of workplace policies that let your employees know what is expected of them. If you don’t have to such a rulebook, your employees can easily protest in court that you would fire them without even telling them what you want of them.

If you already have a set of rules, we try to investigate past terminations at your business to see if you have been applying the rules consistently. If you’ve been inconsistent in the past, those examples can be used against you.

Every company needs a robust performance feedback system to make sure that employees have an ongoing information loop to tap into about how they are doing. Without such a system in place, a terminated employee can claim ignorance.

The final incident on an employee’s record that triggers the decision to terminate should be thoroughly documented. If you’re ever challenged in court for wrongful termination, this incident will get a lot of the court’s attention.

You need professional help cover yourself in every way

If it is possible for an employee to argue discrimination on the basis of gender, race, age or sexual orientation, it can be difficult for an employer to win. When you bring in the professional workplace termination investigators at Accurate Investigations in, though, we make sure that you build your case up before you even fire anyone. When you have a professional taking your side, terminations always go over more smoothly.