Surveillance for Companies

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Surveillance for CompaniesBusinesses are targeted by scammers, confidence artists, corporate spies and common burglars every day. They also have their vulnerabilities tested from within — employees are known both to defraud their employers through claims for feigned disabilities and sophisticated attempts at company assets. If you believe that your business is the target of fraud attempts, you need a professional investigator on your team — one who has years of experience in performing surveillance for businesses.

At Accurate Investigations, we know that for businesses both large and small, professional surveillance services aren’t a luxury: they are a basic necessity. This is why we don’t make the mistake that other investigative agencies do: charging our clients inflated prices for multiple investigators and for unnecessarily extended investigative processes. The services we provide, though, are more than complete. Our investigators are experts at blending in, staying invisible and performing counter-surveillance to make sure that they aren’t being investigated themselves: all while still obtaining video, audio, photographic and written evidence.

Our overt and covert surveillance services

Sometimes, you need your investigator to advertise the fact that he is on the job. Uniformed guards would be an example of such services. Often, though, when businesses need surveillance, it’s the covert kind that they have in mind: investigations done in secret to watch dishonest employees, for background checks of key future employees or business partners and so on. Accurate Investigations has the resources to meet every kind of surveillance challenge.

Mobile and stationary surveillance

Surveillance work always requires a great deal of expertise. Some may believe that stationary surveillance — where the subject is at home or at another given place for long periods of time — is easy. In fact, though, it takes considerable skill to not arouse suspicion when occupying the same place for extended periods of time.

Mobile surveillance requires different types of skills — making sure to not lose track of one’s subject can be challenging. To be successful and to manage unexpected challenges, an investigator needs to be intimately familiar with the area he works and its conventions. At Accurate Investigations, Atlanta is our home turf. No one knows it better.

When you need advanced surveillance skills for your business, you need to give Accurate Investigations a call. There’s a world of possibilities we have to show you.