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Process ServingWhen you need to serve someone with legal papers from the court, the sheriff may appear to be the obvious way to go — it’s the job of the sheriff’s office, after all. It might surprise you, then, to know that they tend to choose the sheriff’s department only when they need to serve a government department or a prison inmate. Eight out of ten times, people with papers to serve choose professional process servers, instead.

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Picking the professional process servers at Accurate Investigations in Atlanta

We know the law better: Courts in different areas have different rules to do with the number of days that papers need to be served in, the specific times, the order in which defendants must be served (if there are multiple defendants and so on. Process servers need to know the laws of the county that they serve papers in. This is an area you can’t afford mistakes in. A bad serve could ruin your entire effort. At Accurate Investigations, Atlanta and the counties around are our home turf. We know the law. Whether you need to serve papers in Atlanta, Gwinnett, Jackson, Cobb, Fulton, DeKalb, Cherokee, Buford, Loganville or any other county in the region, we are your experts on call.

We are experts at skip tracing: Understandably, defendants often try to avoid being served. It’s so common, process servers have a term for the task of finding a missing defendant: skip tracing. At Accurate Investigations, we really know our business when it comes to finding our man – in fact, it’s our main business. From simply approaching the defendant in plainclothes (to avoid raising an alarm) to trying repeatedly at different times of the day and using the latest technologies, we do everything necessary to get your man: even if you have no idea where he lives.

We know the field chase: If you need to serve papers to sue a person for collection purposes, we offer comprehensive field chase services: we locate the person, make sure of his identity and also check on any collateral in his possession to ensure that it’s still valuable.

We can put a rush on it

Sometimes, you simply need the defendant served instantly: you don’t have the time to wait for the next business day. Accurate Investigations shines in this area. It doesn’t matter when you need us to help you serve papers: we’re always there for you, and we get the job done.