Child Support

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Child Custody
When a couple decides to split up, their obligations to one another change; what doesn’t change is what they owe their children. Unfortunately, many parents simply don’t see it this way. Child support hearings in court are often ridden with lies, falsifications and reneged promises. It makes little sense to simply let the legal system take its course. At Accurate Investigations, Atlanta, we’ve seen it time and time again: the parent who wins at any child-support hearing is usually the one who has had the foresight to hire a professional private investigator.

This is how we help you win

We are fast: When you depend on the legal system and on government agencies alone to make sure that you get paid child support you are owed, it can be a long wait. Each year, overworked and understaffed government agencies fail to enforce more than $100 billion in child support dues.

Rather than depend on a system that isn’t able to offer help, you should consider choosing Accurate Investigations, the leading child support investigator in Atlanta. We get you results in record time. We help you locate a runaway parent, determine how much they earn and what assets they have. We help you enforce the order you have.

We make sure you aren’t taken advantage of: If you are the parent who owes child support, we can help you make sure that the parent with custody doesn’t bring false information to court about being financially less well endowed than they really are, to get you to pay more. All over the Atlanta area, Accurate Investigations is able to investigate gold-digging custodial parents to make sure that the information the present in court is not exaggerated. We can bring to court proof of a custodial parent’s income, assets, lifestyle, employment and so on to make sure that the court has an accurate picture of their financial state.

Safety First

We can make sure that your child is safe: Often, people who have no qualms about lying in court aren’t devoted parents. If your child spends any time with such a parent, it is possible that he or she faces abuse of their hands, too — poor living conditions, threats, beatings and so on. Hiring the expert child-support investigators at Accurate Investigations, Atlanta, is one of the best ways you can use your money to make sure that your child is safe. If we do find such evidence, though, you’ll be able to save your child from a terrible fate. You do need the best investigators you can find to offer evidence to the court, though. You can’t do better in this area than call Accurate Investigations.