Insurance Fraud

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Insurance FraudAs an insurance company professional, you know all about staged accidents, pill-mill fraud, fraudulent repair claims, planned medical malpractice claims, phony deaths, feigned injuries and all the other ways that people use to bilk your employer. If insurance fraud were an industry, it would be one of the biggest in the country; going by research by the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud, insurance companies end up paying close to $100 billion each year to consumers making fraudulent claims.

These claims don’t just affect insurance company bottom lines; massive fraud-related losses raise premiums for the average honest insurance buyer by as much as $1,000 a year. Worse, they also need to put up with higher levels of skepticism from insurance companies when they file an honest claim. You can help your company fight back, though: when you call Accurate Investigations, Atlanta’s leading professional insurance detectives.

Our trained investigators use every method in the investigator’s playbook (and many that aren’t there) and every high-tech approach available to dig out the truth in bad health insurance claims, staged car accidents, fake disaster damage and sham workers’ compensation filings. Wherever your investigation may be in the general Atlanta region: Gwinnett, Duluth, DeKalb, Jackson, Barrow, Hall, Cobb, Fulton or Walton, Accurate Investigations offers the investigative professionalism that you need.

If you are an insurance customer filing a claim

Many people assume that insurance investigations are only of interest to insurance companies: they are the ones who need to pay out on claims, after all. In truth, though, individuals and even businesses with various kinds of insurance can benefit greatly in setting up professional insurance investigations.

If you’ve been in a car accident that isn’t your fault, the at-fault party may still blame you. If you have no way of proving your innocence, your insurance premiums could go up. If you’re an employer, fraudulent workers’ compensation claims by your employees can make your business appear extra risky to your insurer, who can then raise your premiums. You can also use a private investigator when your insurance company refuses to pay out on a valid claim, too.

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At Accurate Investigations, we are intimately familiar with both the insurance business and with high-tech investigative work. It’s a potent combination of skills. Take advantage of our investigative expertise. If you have an insurance-related problem, call us for advice.