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Witness LocateMany legal cases turn on one element: the presence of reliable witnesses. Being able to determine the existence of such resources and to then locate them can win a case for you. Unfortunately, this is often the hardest part of any case — one that you should entrust to a professional witness location service.

In any case involving witnesses, it’s important that a witness location service be brought in as early in the process as possible. Often, litigants end up losing their witnesses after having one chance to interview them. After the interview, the witnesses skip town. With a professional witness location service on the job, though, witnesses rarely become untraceable — we know that at the first interview we get with a witness, we need to record every piece of information possible – including their Social Security number.

When a witness is missing, it can take great investigative skill to locate him or her. Her first job is to scour every detail available in the case file, police reports statements, pictures of, sketches and so on to find hidden relationships that there might be – friendships with other known entities, casual relationships, or professional ones.

We find witnesses you may not even know of

In many lawsuits, there’s no witness known of at first. It takes a skilled investigator from a professional witness location service to canvass entire neighbourhoods to suss out potential sources of information. It is tedious, skilled work that takes true dedication.

It can take a great deal of investigative work simply to know where to look. Often, information provided in police reports is incorrect or involves oversights. It takes a professional witness location investigator running a parallel investigation to find such information.

We win them over

At times, witnesses turn out to be of no use even after they are located: they aren’t cooperative. At other times, a witness may want to cooperate, but his family may want to be protective and keep him away from the unpleasantness of court proceedings. A professional investigator, though, has training and skill at winning uncooperative witnesses over.

Whether you are an attorney or an individual with a case coming up that you need to win, Accurate Investigations is the service to turn to for witness location. It’ll be the best money you’ve ever spent.